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Unstoppable U Foundation

Transforming Trauma into Personal Power


The Unstoppable U Foundation is an in-development non-profit organization dedicated to transforming trauma in kids and adults - empowering them to thrive on the other side of life. 

Western approaches to healing trauma focus on the victim coming to terms with their story – whatever caused the trauma.  Through the mind we seek to help the victim ‘survive” their reality. This approach has proven to be less than effective, as demonstrated by the proliferation of PTSD and associated trauma illnesses in today’s society.  We need only look to the increase in “acting out” in today’s world – school violence, adult rages and more – to know that trauma is on the rise. 

Proven Approaches

The Unstoppable U Foundation takes a fundamentally different approach to trauma. We know that trauma survivors can and will transform to become thriving, empowered people, when they are guided to leverage the intrinsic physical energy created by trauma as the fuel for transformation and healing.  

Rather than focusing on the story and the mind – Unstoppable U’s program focuses on the natural instinctual fight or flight response which creates energy. In the case of traumatic events, that energy is stored within the body and becomes trauma energy.  Through feeling into and releasing this energy, as well as related emotions – trauma can and does empower transformation - just as a phoenix rises from the ashes to even greater power.

Unstoppable U Foundation Programs

Unstoppable U for Kids

is an online and local program featuring Maverick the mustang, an equine energy master who shares wisdom and energy practices for life as a kid in the modern world. 

  • We're funding the next step of Unstoppable U Online Right Now! This phase is dedicated to creating an online curriculum focused on teaching kids about life and how to stay balanced - no matter what.
  • We will create free downloadable videos, audios, blogs, storyboards, kids kuotes, images, enhanced ebooks and more! 
  • Below is an overview of the curriculum for this next phase of the Unstoppable U for Kids program.


We appreciate any and all donations for this oh-so-important work. 

Unstoppable U Online

The expanded version will act as the go-to site for trauma information, resources, therapy and online communities for parents and partners. 

Unstoppable U Live

Live 1:1 programs will offer state of the art healing and energy techniques for kids and adults alike. Every trauma pattern is unique to the individual. So we create our 1:1 programs for the individual, integrating mind/body/energy techniques including: 

  • Equine-faciliated reflective and active discovery
  • Myofacial release
  • Tai Chi, Xi Gong
  • Art, music 
  • Meditation techniques
  • Life Strategies
  • Sports as Therapy

Check back soon for more information.

In the meantime, if you're interested in what we're doing and would like to know more - contact me please!