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The Unstoppable U program is an inspirational and educational program for kids facing life in our fast-paced and stressful world. Maverick the Mustang teaches kids that even when life changes, when we are afraid or teased for being different or just plain down, we are born to be Unstoppable!

How? By practicing Horse Sense - learning to trust in ourselves, our energy, our positive thoughts and our right to be Unstoppable in this world!

What's the Unstoppable U Program? 

Simply Unstoppable! Maverick's program includes both discussions/teaching and hands-on experiences with the Mav. Kids learn about the history, herd behaviors, communication and energetic sensitivity of horses, even as they are inspired with stories and Horse Sensei techniques to balance themselves in positive Unstoppable wisdom.

We'll customize our visit especially for you and yours. We also tune our lessons to specific age groups or special interest. See Maverick's Lessons here - and learn more about the Program here.

Here's a sample video from one of our local programs.  You'll find more videos on our Program Videos page and our YouTube Channel. 


Who is Maverick?

Then - UnadoptableMaverick is an American Mustang who was captured by the BLM.  He was abused, beaten and branded with a big U as a 3 Striker - Unadoptable, Untouchable and Unlovable.  Maverick was an outcast - and he almost starved to death at the hands of humans.

But then Maverick found courage, faith and trust, thanks to the love of gentle humans -  two-leggeds who are so very different from those who hurt him. 

Now - Unstoppable!When he stepped into his courage and faced his fear, Maverick found his Unstoppable self.

We all can find our Unstoppable selves.  That's what we're here to share along the way.

That's why we created Unstoppable U.  To share Maverick's stories and support kids as they find the courage, faith and trust within themselves to live Unstoppable lives.