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Our Program 

Unstoppable SmilesThe Unstoppable U program is for kids who are at risk, who have special needs or those who are simply facing the dynamics of life in our fast-paced modern world.

We share stories about wild horses, Maverick's history and horse life in general. In the process Mav shows kids that with courage, faith and trust in ourselves - we can all be Unstoppable!

Maverick visits schools, parks, arenas, sports teams, clubs, stables – anywhere that kids (or adults) play and learn. 

He especially loves to be around kids who feel they, too, are different. He seems to sense and respond to these kids, probably because he understands what's it's like to be an outcast in this world. 


What is Maverick's program?  

Maverick's program includes both classroom teaching and hands-on experiences with the Mav.  

  • We can share a variety of lessons and stories - about life and horses. Our menu of stories and lessons is available on the Lessons Page. You can also check out videos of a sample program with classroom and Meet the Mav segments here. 
  • Most of the lessons can be delivered for a wide range of age groups - in a 2 step classroom/experiential approach OR we can simply meet the Mav and have fun!
  • We work with teachers, coaches and organizers to select the specific lessons you'd like to share. We'll then design just the right program for your kids' specifics needs. We'll also tune the messages to match the age groups and language skills of your kids.


Here's an overview of a sample Program.  You can also check out videos of a sample program with classroom and Meet the Mav segments here. 

Part One:  Classroom

We'll start with an engaging, interactive teaching presentation that shares about wild horses, Maverick's story and horses in general.  The presentation includes:

  • Video lessons of Mav and his transition from Unadoptable to Unstoppable.
  • Teaching about the topics you've selected thru slides, interactions with the kids and perhaps some games.
  • A worksheet where kids write answers as we cover the topics (keeping them engaged).


Part Two:  Meet the Mav

We'll take your group to meet the Maverick.  We can do this pretty much anywhere that's outside the classroom - wherever there is  a space for horses to stand and have kids around.  We can use your parking lot, a corner of the lawn, a park – wherever works for you. Maverick is comfortable next to cars, trucks, buses and more.  We even clean up our own messes:)

First, we introduce the kids to Maverick and share a few basics about how to be around horses.


  •  They can pet him - a few at a time - as we apply the lessons of:
    • How to approach a horse,
    • How to respect them as a prey animal to our predator
    • How to be a natural horse person in the way you communicate
  • We'll show the differences between domestic and wild horses with a little demo between Shadow (my Morgan) and Maverick
  •  Maverick can do tricks to show how playful horses are (smart too).
    • Soccer ball or other ball game
    • Pick up Stix
  • We'll teach them more about horses as I prepare and then ride him:
    • How to be respectful when saddling and riding
    • How riders best communicate with each other - thru our bodies and our energy and our focus, not necessarily through pulling and force.
    • About horses in general - their gaits, how they move, fun things to do with them

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