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Maverick Today

Maverick and Pride - the One-Eyed Hunter Jumper -  love to play together. They're a bit like Mutt n Jeff - but they recognize that they have soimething in common - they are both UNSTOPPABLE!  Check them out jumping the Cross Country Course at Santa Cruz Horseman's!



Today, Maverick loves to play with other horses and kids.



He also enjoys playing around cows - I think it's because it makes him feel in control!


He loves to play with his brother Shadow. That's Mav in the back:)


He plays with all kinds of horsie pals - whenever and wherever the chance presents itself.


Maverick's Recovery

After the rescue - Maverick came to live at The Grace Foundation of Northern California.  From there - he was sent to an adoption home  - and returned.  Maverick was still afraid - and thought to be Untouchable.   Then, he came to  Moon Valley Ranch and Deb Cooper  as part of a Mustang Challenge.  Deb is the best horse whisperer we know. If anyone could help Maverick find himself in this new world - it was Deb.

At first  - he only allowed a touch from a distance.


And then, Maverick allowed a human touch.


Slowly, oh so slowly, Maverick learned to trust.  See his first ride here – 3 weeks after we met him. 

Click here to see weeks of Mav's videos with Deb Cooper.

Sometimes, fear still took over.  And when it did, well, the Mav knows how to get rid of Predators.


But over the next year, Maverick’s courage and trust took the place of his fear.  Forever.  Check out his first ride with me, his mommy, just 6 weeks after he came to the ranch. From Unlovable to Unstoppable!