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Maverick’s Lessons

Maverick shares a variety of lessons with kids and adults alike. 

That's why we designed a flexible program.  You select the lessons that best fit the needs of your class, team, group, club or family.

Review the lessons listed below and select what you'd like us to "show and tell".  Please also check out our Program Page to learn more more about our visits to your venue.


Maverick's Lessons About Life….

  • Courage helps you find your place in the world.   
  • Being Different means you're Special.
  • Being little doesn’t mean you're less.
  • When you walk through life at your own pace, you still get where you're going.
  • Love, Love, Love is the most powerful gift in the world.  
  • Facing Fear makes it Go Away.

You are Unstoppable!  

Click here to download a more detailed Lesson Description.


Maverick's Lessons About Horses

  • Wild Horses in America - their history and current events.
  • The Family Herd - who's who in the herd and how they live together.
  • Instincts - the power that drives all horses.
  • Prey vs Predator - why we're so scary to horses.
  • Domestic vs. Wild Horses - there are some pretty interesting differences!
  • Horse Communication - how horses talk to each other - and us.
  • HorsePlay! - How horses use play to also teach and communicate with each other.
  • How to be Respectful of a Horse - preparation for meeting the Mav.

Click here to download a more detailed Lesson Description.